Nurture children’s mental well-being through these accessible and enjoyable resources, promoting the development of healthy minds in a fun and engaging manner.

Welcome to Dance Minds educational resource. An educational resource that allows the teacher to feel confident about how dance can be used to teach the PSHE curriculum within the PE framework with a focus on dance.

We provide presentations, an overview of the scheme of work and extra resources for the classroom which are all aligned with the PE and PSHE National Curriculum.

The healthy minds of our young children are developed through these resources in a fun and accessible way.

Dance Minds Journey

We’re Emma and Jennie. Sisters and teachers with over 20 years experience in both primary and secondary education. We both have BA Hons. degrees in dance and we’ve taken this passion for dance with us throughout our careers.


We believe that dance is an important part of a child’s education.

why choose us

Integrated Learning

Seamlessly align dance resources with PSHE and PE curriculum, fostering holistic development and providing a comprehensive educational experience for primary school students.

Expertly Curated Content

Access meticulously curated dance resources designed by experts in education and dance, ensuring age-appropriate and engaging materials that meet the specific needs of students.

Student Engagement

Inspire enthusiasm and participation among students by offering dynamic and creative dance resources. Our content promotes active learning, contributing to a positive and inclusive classroom environment.

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